Do you want to lead your people to be winners?

Winning new business requires qualities and skills that often fall outside the comfort zone of the people who are tasked with the role. Transission Consulting can help – we can be your biggest ally in the preparation of even the most important new business presentations.

Pitch Coaching

Do you ever find yourself sitting in a meeting with an important prospective client, knowing that you have done everything you could to prepare you and your team for this pitch, but seeing it unravel around you? Your team is a group of experts in their field, but they just can’t get that message across with their presentation skills in this environment…

You watch the client losing interest and you know, with a sinking heart, that you are just not going to win their business today – even though you are definitely the best company for the job.

Will next time be different? Will you have the time to take a different approach? Even if you introduce new team members will everything be ok?


Perhaps your new business approach needs a Transission?

Transission Consulting has the knowledge and experience to help you make the difference, and win business. Having experienced both the roles of the client and the supplier, we are in a unique position to use our presentation and coaching skills to design and deliver a bespoke coaching programme specifically tailored to you and your team.

1-2-1 Business Coaching

Do you or members of your team have challenges at work that you just can’t seem to address, however many different approaches or times you try? You may believe that you are not fulfilling your potential, and although you feel that you have the skills you just can’t seem to ‘make it happen’.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to talk things through confidentially, with someone who is ‘on your side’ and has only your interests as a priority?

Transission Consulting can offer a powerful tailored coaching approach to meet your needs and timescales, both face to face and via phone at your convenience.

Find out how we can help you win business

Transission Consulting can assess your individual coaching requirements, and tailor a solution to fit around your needs. Whatever industry you serve, and no matter how large or small your workforce, we can encourage your greatest asset – your people – to be winners.

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