Embrace change with a true expert in transformation

So you’re looking for change, perhaps inspiration? Something to fire up your people? Or you may be looking to counteract any negatives resulting from a sensitive period of your growth and development, such as personnel changes or salary re-structure…

Transformation Initiatives from Transission covers a range of services, everything from organisational design changes, regularity requirements, relocations and fit-outs. We can also provide a refresh of workplace strategy and alignment of transformation and asset management.

Relocations and Workplace Strategy


Are you looking to relocate your business to more modern premises or rationalise many branches into one, more cost effective location? You know that this has to be undertaken with as little impact to ‘business as usual’ as possible and you have a sneaking suspicion that this could be a great opportunity to raise your company’s profile… but where to start?

You are also worried about a key group of department heads that do not welcome this move and will make their feelings clear, loudly! What about if someone could take these worries away?

Relocations are so much more than packing the contents of your desk up on a Friday and unpacking somewhere new on a Monday. They can be huge opportunities for raising profile, improving communication and collaboration, while updating workplace strategies.

Change Programmes

Have you been asked to undertake a large programme of change in your organisation? One that you know will impact on your people just as much as the systems and processes that support them? Have you seen colleagues in other organisations try and fail, buckling under the pressure of the challenge. Why not get an ‘ace in the hole’ at the beginning of your journey and set yourself up for success?

Transission Consulting can work with you to carry out a short, sharp feasibility exercise to look at the likelihood of your success against your environment, governance and resourcing. Using many years of experience we can highlight those critical success factors that will ensure you meet your objectives. We can also offer programme setup support to ensure that you are in the best possible place to succeed.

Find out more with a free consultation

Ask for a no-obligation consultation with Transission Consulting and we can discuss your next transformation brief. Your vision, together with our considerable experience, will make this the best thing that your business has ever done.

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